Testimonials for PYCN

"Dr. Kalin opened up my eyes to a variety of different career paths that I was unfamiliar with. She really helped me discover where my strengths lie and together we figured out what career would be best to pursue based on those strengths and my interests."

Returning to work after 15 year hiatus

"I had no idea what I wanted in a career. I felt that my personality and my job weren't a match. Dr. Kalin worked extensively with me to help determine which path I wanted to walk down. With her expertise and our combined efforts to discover my unique abilities, Dr. Kalin opened my eyes to career possibilities that I never knew existed.

Currently, I have my dream job that highlights my strengths. Her knowledge, work ethic and aptitude are all head of class. I would recommend Dr. Kalin with 100% confidence."

University of Wisconsin, 2007

"Janice Kalin is not only a professional with the means to all the necessary industry materials; she also is a kind-hearted human being who cares for those she helps. Rather than practicing "conveyor-belt psychology", issuing you an hour and rushing you out the door, she dedicates the time necessary to address the parts of your life that you want to improve.

Janice's attention to detail has helped me to realize what is important in my life, what is deserving of my mental energy, but most importantly what forward steps I can take to make those things a reality."

Harvard, 2005

"During my first few entry-level positions post college, I realized I only had a slight idea of where I wanted to go in my career. Dr. Kalin helped me articulate not only a variety of different opportunities available to me, but various ways to get there. I feel far more prepared going into the next steps of my career after speaking with Dr. Kalin and am so grateful for her professional advice and support."

University of Maryland, 2008