You may be a recent college grad pondering your future...

Or perhaps you find your present career unrewarding...

Or you are not working and are unsure about your next move...

Being "stuck" is not fun. But beware of those websites with unreliable (or worse) "career planning" tools that make promises they can't fulfill. You deserve the personal attention and advice of a qualified expert.

As a licensed psychologist with a Ph.D in counseling psychology, I've been guiding people through the career exploration process for over 30 years.

We meet in an introductory 1-1/2 hour planning session; you take a battery of scientifically validated, professionally endorsed assessments online; then we do a 2-3 hour feedback session (face-to-face, by phone, Skype or Gchat). Go to Career Services for more detail. I help you to identify and clarify:

  • Your interests, values and goals for the future.

  • The strengths and talents you bring to a career.

  • Personal barriers that hinder career fulfillment, and the means to overcome them.

  • Specific steps to identify a career that is satisfying, rewarding and enjoyable.

You come away with the self-confidence and self-knowledge necessary to pursue the career of your choice.

To get started, go to Contact Me and fill out the brief form or call me at 612-385-7654. I look forward to hearing from you.

Janice Kalin photo
  Janice Linden Kalin, Ph.D., LP