Frequently Asked Questions

Will you help me look for a job?
No. The purpose of career coaching is to make you more aware of what career areas suit you the best according to your personality, goals, values and skills. We will discuss possibilities and what steps to take after our meeting, keeping in mind the realities of the world today.

Will my health insurance pay for career counseling?
Probably not. Health insurance only covers psychiatric disorders as outlined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). These include mental health issues such as depression, eating disorders and anxiety. There are instances where current employers may pay for career counseling services when the coaching involves issues such as outplacement or an internal career transition, but you will have to bring that up with your employer.

Can I get help writing a resume?
Yes. I am happy to help with resume writing and interviewing in additional coaching sessions.

Do you do coaching over the phone?
A face-to-face meeting is usually more effective, especially for our first session together. However, if circumstances do not allow this, the sessions can most certainly be conducted on the phone.

What will I walk away with after the initial session?
You will receive copies and interpretation of all tests you completed. We will also discuss next steps to take. After our meeting, you are welcome to call to discuss some quick questions you may have. Of course, there is always e-mail.


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